Let's Design a great Home to meet your Dreams and Budget!

As a professional with varied experience in projects large and small, simple and complex, traditional and new, that experience is beneficial on your project, large or small. I work hard to design a project to meet your program. I utilize my skills as both a licensed architect in design, and a construction manager to be cost effective by monitoring budget during design.

I can oversee as your representative during construction, as well as coordinating issues with the contractor during the work.

I certainly know construction as well, having worked for large general contractors in capacity of Project Executive and Senior PM. I can talk the talk.

Residences can vary in size and complexity, cost and time. Today it's important to bid a design that will end up matching your budget and thus avoid re-drawing/redesigning.


Work within traditional Architect/Owner Services Delivery outlined below.

STEP 1:  After contract is executed, schedule meeting to discuss space needs and relationships to each other; and the vision the Owner has for the home or building. Owner is encouraged to bring pictures, samples or similar to express your dream.

STEP 2: PJPA produces Conceptual  Design schemes, and reviews with the Owner to select the scheme to proceed on.  

STEP 3: First preliminary budget generated to stay on track, and/or help the Owner revise the budget to match the decisions made in the review process.

STEP 4: PJPA produces Design Development Documents, a further development of the selected scheme, then reviews with the Owner for feedback and revisions.

STEP 5: Update budget based on progress.

STEP 6: PJPA produces the Construction Documents for Permit Submission and Bidding/Construction.

STEP 7: Drawings submitted to permit agency for approval, and to General Contractor bidders for bids and selection.

STEP 8: Upon permit approvaland GC selection, construction starts.


  • Work within a Design-Build, or Design-Assist process, working early in the planning/design process with owners and/or general contractors on fast track and complex projects.


  • ​Drawings /documents are important legal documents to ensure the Owner obtains the quality and scope in the final built product at the contract price.  The importance of professional documents as legal instruments is important on many fronts.   

  • PJPA designs with energy saving systems, natural design, passive solar and active solar design in mind where applicable. I also like to create both indoor and outdoor spaces that flow together, in unison with nature.

Residential Single Family Homes

Large Scale DevelopmentsMulti-Family/ Multi-Use

CM Services Option:

  • Pedtke Construction Management, as the Residential Owner's representative, can provide Pre-Construction services like early budgets and schedules to ensure the design is on budget, and during Construction provides services for bidding and analysis of bids, awarding contractors, dealing with construction issues, change requests, and quality control. (See Construction Management Tab)

Commercial/ Institutional

Paul J. Pedtke,


Sustainable/ Green

Paul J. Pedtke, Architect